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Toto Agriculture

toto, adj. (Latin) altogether, complete, universal.
agriculture, n. (English) the art or science of cultivating the ground,
including the harvesting of crops, and the rearing and management of
live stock; tillage; husbandry; farming.

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In December 2012, the White House and the U.S. Agency of International Development sponsored a series of presentations and workshops dedicated to the discussion of open data initiatives. In particular, speakers expressed the benefits of leveraging public information sources to foster economic development in the world's poorest communities. Working groups were formed to meet what was deemed a "90-day" challenge that might leverage data sets to meet the stated objectives.
An earlier project conducted by INSEAD with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation explored a similar objective. This is now leading to the creation of www.totoagriculture.org which has been designed in cooperation with the Grameen Foundation, Farmer Voice Radio, Farm Radio International, and the GSM Association. A number of data sources from the USDA, NASA, USAID, USGS, NOAA, NIH, CDC, USAF and the FAO, among others, were combined into a public access, non-commercial, portal. More background on that initiative can be found at www.totoagriculture.org.
Following the initial meeting at the White House in December 2012, conversations amongst interested persons took place to look into various options to meeting the 90-day challenge. One of which was the skinning on totoagriculture.org to narrow and strengthen its scope to a single country. Uganda, in particular, and the languages spoken there were thought to be of interest. Based on this recommendation, a team from INSEAD generated this sub-domain which fit the criteria given (local language translations are now only available for a limit set of data, including weather and climate statistics). The following persons from the various organizations listed below were engaged in the discussions following that initial meeting:

Hillary F. Chen

The White House

Jaime Adams, Katharine Gage, Abhi Goyal, Franz Hochstasser (team captain), Nathaniel Manning, Ricardo Michel

U.S. Agency for International Development

Christian Witt

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Scott Anderson, Robert Richardson

Control Group

Abdul Ali, Chris Chan, Donald Seah, Philip M. Parker, Zaw Moe Sann


As the site is exploratory in nature, none of the parties or organizations listed above make any warrantees with respect to this non-commercial site.

Please feel free to forward any comments or questions to Professor Philip M. Parker, at INSEAD (phil dot parker at insead dot edu).



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